About Christie

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As I began understanding myself deeper and developing personally, I wanted to help others do the same. That's what led me to pursue a career in counseling! I had been in college ministry all my adult life, helping people grow and develop spiritually and emotionally. It wasn't until my life took a major turn which led me to seek counseling for myself. In the context of a safe and listening environment with a therapist who helped me begin to rewire my brain and thinking patterns, I began to grow at a new level. 


Now I am honored to come alongside others to help you grow, develop healthy patterns, and live to become the person you are created to be. I'm here to help you find hope and healing wherever you are on your journey.

My faith has influenced my personal journey. I desire to help individuals find emotional healing while integrating faith and psychology in the process to help them experience authentic life transformation. However, I am mindful to meet clients where they are and approach our work from their worldviews and values. I am equally comfortable working with clients who desire to integrate their views, explore spiritual wounds or conflicts, or remain present from a place of non-judgment. I have had the opportunity to travel and live in other countries and enjoy working with clients from diverse cultures, lifestyles, and backgrounds. My counseling approach is grounded in evidence-based theories and is the foundation of how I work with individuals and couples.